Note to Buyers


Dear Mr/Ms Buyer,

Coming to a decision to purchase a property is never easy. Great amount of research and consideration is necessary to put your investment worthwhile. This is especially important in Singapore context when the property prices is considered a high investment asset. 

You may ask: "Why does buyer need a representing Agent?" 

As we all know, buyers are no longer represented in a real estate transaction when dealing directly with the listing agent. This is one of the many reasons why it is so important to have an agent to represent you and work along with you when looking to purchase a property. The commitment of a Buyer's Agent to you is not to "sell" any particulat property, but to represent you as the buyer, to your best interest, throughout the home buying process. Even to point out the down sides of the property and highlighting the areas which you may overlook. There are several duties of a Buyer's Agent to you which a Seller's Agent can't provide: 

Duties of Buyer's Estate Agent:

  1. Your Buyer's Agent will search for and locate suitable properties in accordance, paying full attention to your needs and requirements, and to provide reasonable assistance and advice to you throughout the process of purchase of the Property.
  2. It is especially important for your Buyer's Agent to represent you in negotiations with any potential Seller in accordance to your instructions and to promptly forward you with all offers, proposals or expressions of interest from potential Sellers or their agents.
  3. As your Buyer's Agent, it is also his duty to perform due diligence and intensive research, which will help eliminate costly mistakes or uncover hidden surprises for you.

In purchasing of private property in Singapore, there is no cost to the buyer as the Buyer's Agent is paid from the commission as previously agreed to by the seller in the listing agreement. Hence, it is to the buyer's advantage to have an Agent working with you, as your partner, who will helps you make informed decisions in purchasing your home. This definately helps you saves both time and money in the process. Don't you agree with me?

I certainly look forward to assist you in buying your dream home!

In my point of view, buying projects in Singapore is one of the best investment. Why do i say so? In view of the Cooling measure which includes the ABSD (Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty) introduced by the government, several developers is giving out stamp duty rebates and discounts to both foreign and local buyers!

Up to a total of 19% discount off the normal listing price !!

Which means that you can now buy a new launch property at an attractive and competitive price compared to private resale unit, under a progressive payment scheme until the project TOP date. Does it sounds good to you? With your budget and criteria of your dream homes, I can certainly plan out a property tour route to view more than one properties in a day. 

This is where you will receive One-Stop Real Estate needs in Singapore.

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